Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Wedding

The day before we got married, we had the reception. A lot of people showed up to the Rose Shop in Idaho Falls. For a little while, the caterer was worried that there wouldn't be enough food! It was great to have the reception before, because we were able to go home, open presents, visit with family, and get ready for the next day.
It was a wonderful, even a perfect day. Chris had said that it would not rain, and, even though it fore-casted rain, he was right! We showed up at the Idaho Falls temple at 9:30 with our parents, and got the necessary paperwork done. At 10:30, we got married! Afterward, we took pictures for quite a while, and then went to the luncheon at O'Callahan's. Because we had the reception the night before, we left after the luncheon for the honeymoon. It was truly a spectacular day!

Here are some of my bridal pictures! The wedding pictures are still coming . . .


  1. You look gorgeous. Congratulations on everything!

  2. Tina, you looked beautiful! WOW!!! Wish I could have been there. I hope it was all wonderful - so glad you guys had such a great time traveling on your honeymoon!!

  3. I tried to resist but I can't help it. That is really cool pioneer hair. ~Luke