Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December birthdays

We are doing this all as one post, because it's December, and life is crazy! So, here we go!
First, it was Daddy's birthday on December 8th! Yayyy! We sure do love him and he works very hard for all of us!
 We knew that he would be working late on the day of his birthday, so we had a small party the Sunday before. Here he is blowing out his candles. He's OLD!! 38!!

Here he is on his birthday opening presents, with the help of Davis and Reagan. They are great helpers, especially with present-opening!
He got some shoes, which is a BIG surprise. Davis wanted to try them on!

On the day of his birthday, I made buttermilk pie for dessert. He had been telling me about how delicious it was for many weeks, so I tried it out. And yes, it was delicious!

Reagan's birthday is December 11th!
She cracks me up, because she KNEW that it was her birthday, and told pretty much everyone at church that it was her birthday, and that she was a princess. Both of these things are true.

We got together with my parents and grandparents and the Meservy family for the celebration.

 As you can tell, she LOVES her new snow hat!

The kids enjoying cake.

MY birthday is December 16th. . . by the time we finish Reagan's birthday, I am done and would like to cancel my birthday. Especially this year, because December 16th was when my little brother decided to get married. So here's how the day went:
  • We went to bed late the night before, because it was Casey and Hilary's reception, at which the kids got food ALL OVER themselves and thus needed to take baths before going to bed.
  • At 4:00, I woke up to use the bathroom. At 4:30, I realized that I had left my temple recommend at home, which is not good when there is a wedding happening in 4 hours. I woke up Chris. He texted a member of our Stake Presidency, and then said that he could not go back to sleep, and went to exercise in the hotel.
  • I made it into the temple with a temporary recommend. Phew!
  • After the wedding, the kids came with Whitney's sister to the temple, which was fun. It was cold, but beautiful!
  • On our way back to the hotel, Reagan fell asleep in the stroller. So, we waited until the last possible second to go to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the luncheon.
  • We knew that we would have a parking pass to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, but the parking lot was full. So we parked in City Creek, and then found out that even though those parking lots are connected, you can't go through them. We didn't take coats, and it started to hail. Hard. We frantically ran to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and by the time we got there, looked like wet dogs.
  • It was awful weather during the luncheon, but we were inside. Oh, and my brothers and I chose a time when the elevators were out of order to work on decorating their car. So we ran down 12 flights of stairs to get the job done.
  • After the luncheon, we searched for our car for an hour. We forgot where we had put it, because we were so frantic at the time. But, we saw old friends, and old students in City Creek, so that was fun!
  • We finally got to our car, changed our clothes, and started on our way. Of course, the other cars going to Idaho Falls were quite a bit ahead of us.
  • We pulled over at the truck stop in Downey, Idaho, and called my parents to ask if we should keep going. My mom said, "NO!!" Roads were terrible, visibility was bad, and there were a bunch of slide-offs. So, we decided to stay the night in Downey. The motel there is run by the truck stop. We actually had a somewhat decent meal at the truck stop, and then climbed in bed, which was great.
  • The next morning, roads weren't fabulous. We were glad that we weren't on them during the night and in the storm.
  • But when we got back, there was a surprise waiting for me:
  • Chris had collaborated with my friend to leave cheesecake and flowers for me at my house. Isn't he the best? That night, we went to dinner and Star Wars with my parents, which was fun.
  •  And, two days later, I opened up a small gift from my parents. Oh, the day before, I also opened up some other presents. So, all was not lost. 
Anyway, happy birthday to us!!