Thursday, April 23, 2009

Colby Went to Jordan

Tina's brother, my brother-in-law, Colby, left for this morning for his four month study abroad program in Jordan. He will be practicing his Arabic in what I believe to be the most authentic way to learn a new language; speaking and living with and amongst native Arabic speakers.

While this is exciting for Colby, his trip to Jordan has special significance for Tina and me. You could say it was what pushed me over the edge and got me to propose to Tina.

Tina and I met in August of 2009 via LDS From the moment we met we began exclusively dating each other. By about November, Tina and I (well, mostly Tina) began talking and praying about marriage. I was kind of struggling as I had been single for so long and was actually kind of scared of getting married. I frustrated Tina to no end as days and weeks went by with no mention of my part about us getting married.

Well, December rolled around and with it Tina's Birthday, Christmas, and New Year's. All of them came and went with no proposal of marriage. Then, there was the drive back from Tina's parents' cabin.

While we were driving home from her parent's cabin after New Year's, I said to Tina,"Well, if Colby is leaving for Jordan April the 23rd, we should get married sometime before then." Tina was really happy. It was by far the most romantic proposal in the history of proposals since the beginning of time. To make things even better, I asked to talk Tina's father while they were unloading the Suburban at their house.

A few weeks later, once we had the ring, I properly proposed to Tina.

So Colby's study abroad trip has special significance for us. I must take this opportunity to say thank you Colby. Tholby (and combination of thank you and Colby).



  1. i like this story, especially from Chris' point of view. Good job on making the move. And I'm still trying to figure out why you're smiling in the drain gross picture. That's gross

  2. I wasn't at all happy about what came out of the drain. It was nasty. However I had a great sense of accomplishment because I fixed something. The drain works so much better now.

    Thanks for the kind words about the story. It is one we hope to tell for years to come. If Tina is working with the young women, I hope she will tell it to them.