Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reagan's words

Our little Reagan is a talker! I think it is mainly due to the fact that she has a big brother who is ALWAYS trying to get her to say words, and celebrates any time she does. Some of the things that Reagan likes to say are:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy (which sounds like "Ya-ye)
  • Davis (it varies how this sounds. But it's always adorable.)
  • Yeah or Yes
  • No (Came after Yes. Which was awesome for a little while, because "yeah," was the answer to every question.) 
  • Hello or Hi (Especially cute when she comes wandering into my room in the morning)
  • Help me (This is a handy one. She uses it a lot!)
  • Good (Dood. Whenever she is asked how she is, this is what she says.)
  • This (Dis)
  • That (Dat)
  • Please (Pee-s) (We work on "books please" or "food please" or "milk please," which she usually does on command)
  • Minnie (Mimi) (Minnie is a CRUCIAL part of going to bed. I discovered that Minnie makes something to look forward to at bedtime, and makes it all okay.)
  • Thank you (Dank oooo)
  • Uh-oh
  • Whoops
  • Ouch
  • Love you (Wuv oooo) (Melts my heart EVERY TIME!!)
She also knows the sounds that several animals make. (She specializes in the cow or the cat or the dog.) She is pretty good at pointing out parts of her face, especially her mouth! That is obviously a very important thing to this little girl!

Last night, we took the kids to our neighbor's house for the babysitting swap we do every month (the best idea ever, seriously), and when I told Davis where they were going, he said, "And I will tell Reagan, 'it's okay, sweet girl. Momma will come back. You are okay.'" Kids who love each other makes me happy. Because, really, Davis is the BEST big brother and looks out for his sister all the time.

She got a haircut yesterday. We decided that her mullet had to go. It seriously took like 2 1/2 inches to get everything evened up. And her curls came back with it being so much shorter! This is after church, without the bow that she had in during church. Because I am not a good enough mom to take out the fancy camera AND put her bow back in.

 We now have a sandbox in our backyard, which results in HOURS of fun for Davis and Reagan!
 We went to my parents' house, and she helped Grandma eat her breakfast. For every bite Grandma gave her, she got a hug.
 We think she is pretty dang cute!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers' Day 2016

For Mothers' Day, I was spoiled rotten by my husband and kids. I got a nice breakfast (after church, because that is 1000 times easier with 9:00 church) and my husband made me a wonderful dinner. I also got flowers and chocolates.
I took a picture of this little girl in her cute new dress from Grandma Rusch:
I am so grateful for mothers, and grateful for my little family that spoils me rotten!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A rainy trip to Salt Lake

So Chris was going to Las Vegas one week with his work. . . and I decided that the rest of us needed to get out of town too. Marcela and I have always talked about taking a trip together with our kids, so we did it! It was a bit of insanity to have four kids and two semi-insane adults, but we made it work!! Our plan was to leave Wednesday afternoon, but the forecast said that it would rain all day Thursday, and we wanted to spend a day at the zoo, so we left Tuesday night instead, and spent the night in Brigham City. The next morning, it was raining the whole time that we were driving to Salt Lake. We were upset about it, and decided that we would not do the zoo after all. Davis was the only one awake, so he got the bad news. But then, right as we were checking into the hotel to drop off all of our stuff, it cleared up! So, we went to the Go-Go (Hogle) Zoo and had so much fun!

 The first thing we had to do at the zoo was take a train ride, because we have two little boys who are OBSESSED! Trying to get Davis to turn around for a picture during the ride was not going to happen!

We packed a lunch for the zoo, which was a great idea, because no restaurants were open!

 It did rain a little, but seriously, not very bad, and it was pretty fun to jump in puddles when you are with your best buddy!
Here are the sweet kids in their stroller!
We also took a ride on the carousel, and Davis wanted to sit on the seat. Silly boy!
At the gorilla house!
 All of us at the zoo
 Being leopards at the lion exhibit
We were seriously the last people to leave at closing time. It was too much fun!
The next day, it was POURING rain, so we decided to get on the train and go to downtown.
 We did the planetarium
And rode the train and then walked FOREVER in the pouring rain to go to a taco stand that Marcela recommended. The tacos were very good, and it was memorable!
Then we went to the City Center mall and walked around.

Davis and Damian loved to pretend to talk to each other on the phones in our hotel room.

On our way home on Friday, we stopped through Logan and met our friend Jill from the Young Women's presidency. We had lunch with her at a crepe place. It was so fun to see her, and definitely an adventurous trip! We had a fabulous time!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter was super early this year, which means, living in Idaho, it was COLD! Our Easter bunny came on Saturday and put plastic eggs in our house to find!

Reagan liked hitting the eggs together. I remember when Davis was this age, he was not sure what candy in the egg was for. Different story for Reagan! I guess that is what happens when you have an older brother to help you out . . .
Davis got some plastic dinosaurs
And a "telescope." At least that's what he calls it.

Reagan got a little book about animals that she loves!
We got together with our friends in the ward for an Easter egg hunt/picnic on Saturday:
 Here are two of my favorite people!

 The kids played duck-duck-goose before the Easter egg hunt started

 Davis hunting for eggs.
 It was SO COLD and Reagan was not impressed! I actually had to drive kids back to our house twice to get blankets and thaw them out!
 Here is Davis with his buddy Damian. After they ate, they sat in the sun and tried to get warm.

On Easter Sunday, we had dinner with my parents, who had just gotten back from visiting Carter and Whitney in Chicago on Saturday night.
Here is Grandma with Davis and Reagan. Grandma had knee surgery 3 weeks before the dinner, and she was still on crutches at the time.
And here is our picture in our Easter outfits:
Yay for holidays! Yay for family! Yay for Easter!

Even more importantly than the bunny and the dinner, I am so grateful for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and for his atonement for us. It has hit me even more clearly this year of what a monumental event it was for Jesus to atone for our sins, and what Easter really means to me. Lately, I have seen a lot of tragedy in this world, of people dying young and with little children, and even of little children dying. It is such a wonderful assurance to know that, because of Jesus Christ, we will all be able to be resurrected again and live with our families for eternity. That is the best news ever.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reagan 15 month stats

At 15 months, Reagan is:
  • Weight: 20 pounds, 6 oz.
  • Height: 30 3/4"
  • Head: 19"
Everything is in the 50th percentile, except her head. We make big heads around here!
The doctor said that she needs to go to therapy so they can teach her how to walk. So we are working on teaching it. Hopefully it will happen before the therapists call!
We still think she is pretty darn cute!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This little champ went to preschool today. I asked him if I could take his picture, and he said yes. When I told him to smile, I got this:
He also wanted to go have his picture taken with Alvin and Damian, his two buddies. This is what I got.
Yes, Alvin has a bucket on his head. Yes, they are 3 year olds! But they are pretty cute and I am glad that Davis has good friends.
Here are some of the questions that Davis asked me about preschool:
  • Will you drop me off?
  • Will Curious George be there? (we read a book about Curious George's first day of school, and he REALLY wanted Curious George to be there)
  • Will Thomas be there? (Because we can't go anywhere without Thomas!)
  • Will they have books?
It was a raging success though! Davis loved it and had so much fun! Yay!

While Davis was gone, Reagan and I went to go see her Daddy at his school:
She is our snuggle bug!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reagan gets tubes!

One of the many bonuses of living in Idaho Falls is that we live super close to a doctor . . . and one who loves my kids! And doesn't charge more than a hug and a kiss! It is seriously super handy to just be able to call Grandpa when my kids need help . . . or get ear infections.
When Reagan was first born, we were excited that she didn't have as many ear infections as Davis. Quickly, that became not the case any more. Reagan's main problem is that her ear infections never seem to clear up. And she usually gets a diaper rash from them as well.
At the end of 2015, Grandpa said that she was quickly becoming a tubes-worthy patient. I had him check to see if the infection had cleared early in January. Indeed, it had not. Instead of ANOTHER round of antibiotics, Grandpa said to call the doctor and get tubes put in, which he of course obliged to for his old partner.
So, I took Reagan to the hospital in the wee hours of morning, while Chris stayed home with a sleeping Davis. When we got back, we were both exhausted, and Davis had just woken up. It was a tiring day, but at least we got it done!
 In the waiting room
 I remembered from Davis getting tubes that they have a little wagon in pre-surgery to pull babies around in. It's the perfect thing for a confused and antsy baby who doesn't want to sit still in a room. She LOVED being pulled around by Mommy.
Waking up from surgery