Sunday, January 7, 2018

Reagan is a SUNBEAM!

Reagan is a SUNBEAM! Holy smokes! Davis was pretty excited to have her come to primary with him today. He wished that they could go to the same class, and wondered if they would after she turns five. She is giving a scripture next week in primary, so we will see how that goes!
She's a pretty cute sunbeam, if I do say so myself!

Christmas 2017

We decided to spend Christmas this year with my parents, who are serving a mission in Cincinnati, OH. They are having a wonderful time, and you can read about their experience here. We decided this summer to spend Christmas there, because we thought it would work best with Chris's work schedule. It turns out that we were right, even though his work changed in between planning it and going. We had SO MUCH FUN!!
We got in late, so Minnie took a nap on our way. It's good that she has such a good mommy to take care of her. :)
Kids running to see Grandma and Grandpa
 Davis thought it was cool to wear Grandpa's tag at church
 Eating lunch at the coffee table at Grandma and Grandpa's apartment.

 Our family with the mission president at church. They are fabulous people, and it was fun to get to know them.
 We had quite the dinner at a pretty small apartment, but it was fun to get to know all the missionaries!

 Kids in their Christmas jammies back at the hotel on Christmas Eve
Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpa's apartment:

Christmas night, we went to a Chinese place for dinner. It was fabulous! Fa-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra!

The day after Christmas, we went to a Children's Museum to see the train (Davis asked me a few weeks ago if I knew that he really likes trains. I did recall that). They also had Lego's as well. We also went to a Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Museum, which we have no pictures of, but it was awesome.

That night, we visited the zoo to see the lights. It was the shortest visit to the zoo ever, I think, because it was SO DANG COLD!

On Christmas, some other missionaries in the same complex as my parents had to go to Canada, and so they offered us to stay at their apartment for the week. It was so nice to have a home base close to my parents, and we appreciated it so much.
So, we were able to put the kids to bed on Grandma and Grandpa's bed, then take them to the other apartment after we played a little.

We also went to Jungle Jim's, because that is a tradition, if you visit my parents:

We went to the Air Force Museum, and met my aunt and uncle who live in Ohio there. It was fun to see them too, and I totally geeked out! They had the plane that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki! And the Air Force One plane that transported JFK's body after his assassination, and that Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office in!

We got some good cuddle time with kids:

We were also delayed on the way back, but we made it home just in time for the New Year's Eve party at my grandparents' house!

It was a fabulous trip!

Happy birthday, Mommy!

Oh yeah. I had a birthday too!

Like I've said before, by the time that it's my birthday, I just want to be done with the whole thing!

My birthday was on a Saturday, so we took our kids to go see the movie Wonder, which was very fun! I had read the book with my book club, so I really enjoyed it. Chris really wanted to see Star Wars after, but I really didn't. Then, we basically had a lazy afternoon. The day before my birthday, we went to a Christmas party with the place that Chris has his second job. They gave us a gift certificate to Jaker's, so we went there for my birthday dinner with our kids. It was a super fun day! Here are some pictures of me with my gifts:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Reagan is THREE!

Honestly, I will greatly miss Reagan being two. She has been the most delightful two-year-old ever known! But, alas, she turned three!
We had a party for her on Sunday night, and then spent today opening her presents from Mom and Dad and grandparents. It was a ton of fun.
Here is some of the Sunday fun:
 All of her party food was pink, of course.
 Including the traditional elephant cake, made by mom.
 "Thanks, Great Grandpa."
 Ready to blow out the candle.
 Unwrapping gifts.

 The picture taking fail of blowing out the candle.

And this morning:
 Princess dress up clothes
Getting help unwrapping gifts from her brother early in the morning, before Daddy went to work. Brothers are great!
We got a gift back in October of a play kitchen. We got a little distracted, and didn't try to assemble it before the weekend before her birthday, and found that there were no instructions included, and none available on the internet. We emailed everyone we could think of, and I had three emails in my inbox on Monday morning with instructions of how to put the kitchen together. So, the kitchen did not come until later the night of her birthday, which was totally okay with her. She was delighted to get it!

 Playing with it while being dressed as Belle, because of course we have to do that!
Anyway, it's quite the detailed kitchen.

Things I want to remember about Reagan when she turned 3:
1. She is such a GIRL! She tells me several times a day that her favorite colors are pink and purple. She loves anything princess and girl.
2. She loves to sing. Every night before bed, she sings me several songs, usually, "Incy Wincy Spider," "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and "I am a Child of God" to name a few.
3. She LOVES her brother, and protects him just as much as he protects her. She is fiercely loyal to him.
4. She loves to say prayers, and sometimes forgets whether she should "bless the food" or not. Often, she asks me during the prayer. And there are often addendums after her prayers, because she forgets to say certain things.
5. She is SO BIG. She is pretty much Davis's age. Just ask her. She can do ANYTHING by herself!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Chris had a great birthday this year, especially because at the time of his birthday, he had a job! He was hired by Bonneville School District 93, working at Rocky Mountain Middle School, teaching Special Education in a contained classroom. He went to work after Thanksgiving, because, having been a teacher before, he knew that there was no way that he could just waltz in starting in January without knowing how the classroom was run and expect things to go well. His principal thought that he should be payed, which he was of course, not opposed to. His pay was moved up to November 27th, which means our benefits start this week, and paychecks start next week! Hallelujah!
Anyway, for his birthday, when he got done with school, he opened some presents, with help from Davis and Reagan. Then we took the kids to dinner at Grandpa's BBQ here in town, which, I must say, was fabulous!
We are so lucky to have such a great daddy and husband!

Running shoes, of course!