Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 was definitely a success! Even though we are currently undergoing issues with unemployment and Chris, we were still able to have fun with the whole holiday! First, we had the ward trunk-or-treat:

Davis was a pirate for this, because no masks were allowed. Reagan chose to wear the Tinkerbell costume, because she could.

The day before Halloween, we went to see the hay bales in town that were decorated to look like Star Wars characters:

They do this every year. We really should make it a tradition to go see them, because they are very cool, and not too far away!
Then, of course, the pumpkin carving:
Davis wanted his pumpkin to be a ghost, and Reagan wanted hers to be a kitty cat. Chris is an awesome and skilled pumpkin carver, as you can see!
On Halloween, this little girl sat with me in the family room and watched Halloween kids shows while I was folding laundry. I know it's not too exciting, but there you have it. This was the only part of the festivities where she wore the original costume I got for Halloween, which is Belle. But that;s not really the point of getting costumes, right?

On Halloween, we went to the Halloween party at the library. It was a lot of fun!
Reagan was the very first one to dance along with the music before the festivities. And she decided to wear her Snow White dress for it.
And then, the real event, the trick-or-treating:

Davis was a storm trooper, and Reagan was Snow White. Notice the snow coats under their costumes. I love living in Idaho! We mostly went to see family, which was super fun!

This morning, Davis was disappointed that we still had Halloween decorations in our house. So, we promptly took care of those and put up the Thanksgiving decorations.
Davis is sitting by the boy scarecrow, and Reagan is sitting by the girl. Because duh!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 6, 2017


Davis started preschool. He LOVES it! He might be a little bit like his daddy, because he LOVES to learn absolutely everything he possibly can! So the first day was an open house, and we all went together to look at the school and get to know everything. Honestly, he was grumpy when we left, because he WANTED to just start learning BY HIMSELF already. But then it was better when the first day came.
 This is how excited he was for the first day!

This is his progress report. Teachers love kids who are enthusiastic! It does pretty good for a Mom's heart to see how well he is doing!

Potty training (again!)

Guess what?! NO ONE IN THE RUSCH HOUSE WEARS DIAPERS ANY MORE!! This is a big deal!
This is Reagan on the potty that we bought for her at Walmart. Incidentally, she actually decided that she only likes using the real potty, which is totally okay! She has been amazingly easy to potty train, and has had very few accidents! In order to celebrate, Davis and Reagan got new underwear:
And I got a new purse that isn't a diaper bag! FREEDOM!!!

Total eclipse of the sun

So the 2017 eclipse had a path of totality that came right over Idaho Falls.
At first, I didn't really know that this is a big deal. But, oh my goodness, it is!! Three of my brothers decided to come to Idaho Falls, because my parents are nice enough to let everyone stay at their house. So, by default, I was in charge of the family reunion at my parents house! We had a fabulous time!

 The sprinklers were set to go off every night at like 6:30 at my parents house. This made the kids decide that they would rather run through the sprinklers than eat dinner, because, of course!

 Instead of putting on swimsuits, they opted to take the clothes off!

 Watching the eclipse coming
Willie was hanging out inside while we were outside watching the eclipse

 Baby Reuben in the grass

 So interesting to see the different shadows while the sun was being covered

 We went to Taylorview Jr. High to see the full sunset. So very cool.

Okay, so it was way cooler than I ever expected it to be. At first, I was just excited to have my brothers come play with us. But, seriously, it made me an eclipse chaser. I'm pretty sure I will be at the next solar eclipse! Seriously! It was also so very fun to see all the cousins playing together! So much fun!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Having kids is hard

Yes. Having kids is hard. I have always wanted to be a mother. In fact, when I was in kindergarten, there was a survey done of our class, and everyone was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. I was the only one who said I wanted to be a mom.
But I think that, no matter what, having kids is hard. Whether it's the conception, the pregnancy, the birth, or the baby, having kids is hard. I don't think that I know a single woman who has had a blissful experience with all of those parts. For me, the hardest part is getting pregnant. If you know me, you know that I have to have my kids with the help of IVF (in-vitro fertilization). We have been EXTREMELY lucky to have a child with both of the previous IVF cycles we've done.
But we are not quite as lucky with this one. I had the most medicine that could be fathomed to put in the shots. I had shots every night, and blood tests and ultrasounds nearly every day as well. We felt like it was all going very well! We were able to do everything in Idaho Falls, which was a huge blessing. When I had the surgery to harvest the eggs, they got 6, which I think is more than ever before! 4 of them were fertilized the next day, which was also fabulous. The doctor himself called me on the day of the transfer, and said that two of the eggs were looking really good, so we put these guys in:
The embryologist even said they had grown since the picture! Yay! Here we are on transfer day:
We were super excited, and hoping for twins! We would find out in 2 weeks. About halfway through the two weeks, I started bleeding. Because of the experience we had last time, we thought everything would still be okay. Then, closer to the day to check, I started bleeding again. This time, I was not as hopeful. So, I was supposed to go get a blood test on Monday morning, and I had an extra home pregnancy test lying around. I was still bleeding on Sunday morning, but I decided to try it out. Here's what I got:
I was reassured, but still not completely hopeful, because I know that there HAS to be a false negative pregnancy test before the collection, because of the trigger shot. But I texted my nurse, and told her what I got, and she said that I was PREGNANT! Wa-hoo! I told my family. I got it confirmed on Monday. I told my really close friends. I was excited! But I was still bleeding . . .
I called the nurse of my OBGYN. She said that I should definitely redo the test on Wednesday, and let her know what I found. I asked my fertility nurse to redo the test, and she agreed that it needed to be redone again.
I carted my kids to the clinic for the blood test AGAIN. I keep telling them that I'm done, but it never happens. Anyway, that's when the bad news came. My HcG number was dropping. Fast. I had another test done last Friday. It's almost completely gone.

So, I was pregnant for 2-3 days. I am still trying to figure out how to deal with this. I honestly do not know what we will do to try and have another child. I honestly do not know IF we will have another child. I am very sad. I am hopeful, but starting to get realistic. Sometimes those are opposites.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Fathers' Day 2017

We have the best daddy at our house! Everyone loves our daddy. He is definitely the favorite parent.
This is one of my favorite pictures lately. Chris stayed home on a Monday to build a garden for me (because we lost our apple tree, which was fabulous!) These kids wanted to go outside with their daddy. They saw that he put on his boots and his gloves, so they got their winter boots and winter gloves and went out to "help" him. They love their daddy! Basically, Davis does whatever daddy does, and Reagan does whatever Davis does, so it's a winning combination!

For Fathers' Day, these were our celebrations:

Daddy got a new Star Wars shirt (because he needed a new one. . . like a hole in the head) and a pair of work shoes, and hugs from his kids! Because Daddy likes to smoke (the primary presidency says that Davis saying announced that in Primary when learning about the Word of Wisdom--great!), we let him make us some yummy meat for Fathers' Day too! Aren't we nice?!


Another thing we love to do in the summertime is go to the cabin, and go to Yellowstone!