Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

I LOVE Easter. Mostly because of this:
Easter us a fabulous time to reflect on the gift of the Savior. Especially after the harsh winter that we had, I also love feeling like it's spring again! Although we're pretty slow to really completely enjoy spring, some days I feel like it's coming!
Here are my kids last week, just hugging each other because they love each other! I love this!

Here they are with their Easter baskets
 Reagan is so excited about her Beauty and the Beast activity mat
And Davis is Batman!
 With all of our new Easter clothes on.
 Ready to eat Easter dinner
Here we are eating our yummy Easter dinner! Yay!!

April showers

During April, we celebrated our 8 year anniversary! Wow!

I worked on painting our pantry. I love how it turned out! And I got a little boy to help me. Davis loves to help with projects!

We also had people employed by the city come to trim our trees. I told them to trim the Apple trees way down, and they said they could just take it out! We feel like we now have a yard again! Being without the tree is fabulous! And we will be able to have a garden this summer! Yayyyy!!

 Our yard minus an apple tree!
This maple tree is going to get a major facelift as well!
We went to Utah for a doctor's appointment. Thank heavens for family who lets us stay with them, and watches our kids! Reagan gave Casey a big hug when we got there. . . until she saw Hilary!
And Davis got Buzz Lightyear in the mail, which is pretty much the best. thing. ever!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Catch up!

Oh, hi! It looks like I've been ignoring the blog for a while! Well, here we are, still alive and doing well! Here's what's been going on!

January was . . . January! Not much going on there. I started my UEN class, Social Studies Methods, which has been quite interesting. I finished it a few weeks ago, and here is my final project. It was actually really fun to engage my brain, instead of only doing mindless cleaning and laundry, which is what I feel like I do 90% of the time. I also signed up to work in the daycare at Apple Athletic Club, in exchange for a free membership, which is cool. Here are some fun January pictures!
 Our preschool group
 Two cute kids
 Reagan loves her hat she got for her birthday! And her birthday gloves too!
 The snow was crazy
So we stayed inside and made stuff!


In February, my parents left on their mission! They are serving in Cincinnati, OH and loving it. My dad is in charge of the medical for the mission, and they are currently serving in a YSA ward. If you are interested in their mission, here is their blog. After they left, we took our little family to the cabin and played. It was super fun, as it always is! Davis started taking gymnastics with his best friend, which he loves!

 At our friend's wedding. We talked about getting married with our kids. Reagan wants to marry Hilary, and Davis wants to marry Reagan. We will work on that!
 Little sisters like gymnastics too!
 Celebrating Valentine's Day at Reed's Dairy
 Reagan decided that she needs to wear a tutu every day, and perhaps every night as well.

 We love the cabin
 Reading books at the Apple.
The picture of Davis from primary. Gosh, how can you not love this kid?!

During March, my sweet Uncle Eldred died. It was very sad, and actually very sudden, even though he was 104 years old. We were able to attend the funeral, which was a great experience and made us want to be better people! Also, Chris's parents came to visit us! Yay! We had a ton of fun with them, and it was fabulous! They came because I was having a surgery, and they were planning on coming anyway, and I said, why don't you come and help out with the kids, and they did. They have also gotten their mission call, and will be serving in Fresno, California. They report to the MTC on July 3rd!

 Memories of Uncle Eldred
 My sweet grandma speaking at her brother's funeral.
 Playing with my cousin's kids at the funeral.
 Military rights at Uncle Eldred's funernal. Very cool.
 Dad helped us with home improvement projects, which was fabulous!
 We went to the cabin with Chris's parents for conference. So fun!