Friday, May 30, 2014

The Crazy month of May

May is only supposed to be a crazy month when kids are in school, right?  WRONG!  When you are the Young Women's leader, May is nuts!  And we have certainly felt it this year!  Girls' Camp is coming up way too soon, school is getting out for the girls, and we have had a LOT of family getaways in May.  So May has been both CRAZY and FUN!!

We went to Utah for Chris's conference.  Fortunately, we were given a hotel with TWO rooms, which was awesome.  We left Davis alone for about 5 seconds, and he took all the wipes out of the container.  I let him spread toilet paper all over, because hey, it was a hotel!
 Grandma was in charge of elections, so we went to see her.
This is Davis while Mommy is taking a shower.  He loves books!  His favorites are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."  We sometimes read both of those at least five times a day.

Davis played with his girlfriend during Stake Conference.  Davis loves to play with other kids.  If they take his stuff, that is fine.  He is very social, and just wants them to be happy.  He is going to make a great big brother!
Mommy got a new iPhone, and Davis loves to explore it!

We went to the cabin.  It is probably the best place on earth.  We enjoyed every minute!
Except for the night that Davis would not sleep in his own room, so he ended up sleeping with Mommy and Daddy.  He was so tired that he fell asleep on the way home.  I wanted to as well!

Davis had tubes put in his ears.  He was so brave!  We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning, so we woke him up, and went to check in.  Then we went to the waiting room for a few minutes, then the pre-op place.  They told us that we could put Davis in the wagon and ride around for a while before meeting with the nurses.  He was more than happy to ride in the wagon, just checking out the people.  Then we met with the nurses (the nurse in charge of anesthesia was my uncle!  Cool) and changed him into his hospital robes.  Then we walked around for another 45 minutes, waiting for him to go into surgery.  The nurse took the wagon into surgery, and he was given anesthesia, and came out like 15 minutes later.  When we went to see him in Recovery, the nurse said that he needed a parent to lie down with him.  Before I had even processed the information, Chris was laying with Davis on the bed, just cuddling the little guy who was waking up from anesthesia.
I think the only thing that Davis had to recover from was waking up so much earlier than he usually does!

Daddy called and said that there was a bounce house at his work, so we went to play in it.  Davis especially loved throwing the balls.  He is not the best at jumping, but he sure thinks he is!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Baby Rusch

We got some more pictures of our baby today!  Everything is going well for him/her!  Less than an inch, with a good strong heartbeat!  The white cursor is over the head on both pictures.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our sweet little blueberry

We went to Utah this past weekend.  We partly went because Chris had a conference for librarians in Utah.  We partly went because Davis and I could hang out with family members.  But we mostly went because we got to have an ultrasound of our little blueberry!

 We got a hotel room for the stay, and were lucky enough to receive a "complimentary upgrade" to a one-room suite.  It was super nice to be able to put Davis somewhere to go to sleep and close the door.  And then we turned out backs for 2 seconds and he found out that he could empty the wipe container.
At our house, we no longer use the toilet paper roll.  But at the hotel, the toilet paper holder is a great toy!

Here are the ultrasound pictures--some of them, at least!  They are not TOO exciting, because at almost 8 weeks, he or she is the size of a blueberry.  But we got to see/hear a heartbeat as well, which was very exciting!

The doctor was completely amazed that I am pregnant.  He was very excited for us!  I think he doesn't usually text people to tell them congratulations, but he definitely texted me!  He expressed gratitude for being involved in the miracle.  It has been quite the ride!

We love this baby already!