Monday, October 26, 2015


Last Sunday, Davis bonked into the fireplace, and caused himself to have to go get stitches.

It was very sad. Fortunately, Daddy scooped him up and was out the door in no time! I realized a little while later that they took Daddy's car, so that he could hold a paper towel on Davis's head. So I went to pick him up at the E.R., so that he could travel in his car seat.

And, a little over a week later, we went to Grandpa's house to get the stitches taken out (he was in Florida, or he would have put them in!) Davis was SOOOO brave! Here is the video of the stitches coming out:
My favorite parts are when he says that he is really brave, and when he gives the mirror to his Grandpa! Silly boy!