Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby shower!

Oh, how I love my family and friends.  We got together for a baby shower, and it was sooo much fun!  Here are some pictures to prove it!
 With Angela

Here I am at 32, almost 33 weeks.  At this point:
When I went to the temple, the man at the recommend desk made a comment about how I was "about ready to pop"
I was at the hospital, and decided to pre-register for the delivery of this boy.  The lady at the pre-registration desk asked if I was already in labor.

This baby is definitely getting ready to come!

Happy Birthday, Casey!

For Casey's birthday, Mom and Dad came to town, and we went through the Salt Lake temple.  It was Casey's first experience with the temple, and we had a great time!
 Opening presents at our house in the morning--Chris made us a wonderful breakfast to celebrate!

 With Mom and Dad and Carter and Whitney
 Mom and Dad say that a day like this is parent payback time--5 kids who all went to the temple.  Pretty good!
All of the temple-going folks.  Uncle John made it too--he always makes it for Casey's momentous occasions!

Monday, September 17, 2012


We went home, because a friend at home said that she would do a 3D ultrasound for us.  It felt like we were peeking to see what the Christmas present was!  This is what we saw:

The big news of the day--he has HAIR!  And there is probably more growing, because he hasn't even reached 7 months yet!  I shouldn't be surprised, but how fun to find out.  We think he looks like Chris, with a nose like mine!

Another thing to not be surprised about--his head is larger than normal.  That makes this mommy not happy!

Chris is in Reno right now for a job interview--we will see what happens!  Wish us luck!