Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Park City, Georgia, N.T. Wright

Tina and I were going to go to Park City this weekend but decided to cancel the trip because my parents are going to be in town for Matt's (my brother) graduation. We decided we wanted to spend time with them as opposed to going to Park City for a couple of days. We are going to reschedule the trip for sometime in May.

On another travel related note, we will be flying to Georgia next week for an open house my parents will be hosting for us. It will be a nice break from work and a good chance to get together with Georgia friends. There are lots people I am excited to see.

And, on another unrelated note, I have started reading a new book. I finished N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope a couple of days ago and went through a period of mourning because I had finished a book I really liked. It is kind of sad when I finish a book I really like and have to find a new one. Thankfully the world is full of good books and my new favorite author, Wright, has written many books and articles. I think his books are so good that I will most likely give some of them a second or third read through.

Well, that is about it from me. Things are going well. Tina and I are adjusting to married life. We consider ourselves experts on marriage and if you have any questions, send them our way.

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