Monday, November 7, 2011

New Orleans

I went to New Orleans for a NAGC conference.  I learned a lot about gifted children, and their needs, and had a lot of fun too.  Here are some pictures of the festivities!
So picturesque!  Being here made me feel like I was in France!
Bad news--Bourbon Street on a Friday night
World War II museum--so cool!

The oldest street car in the United States--on St. Charles Street

A statue of Robert E. Lee

Houses that I might move to in New Orleans--too bad they are all over a million dollars!
A diner in New Orleans--great!
A favorite seafood restaurant
A plaque explaining that there was a slave auction there
A Blacksmith shop in New Orleans--very old--owned by Lafitte

Fall break in the San Diego sun!

During our fall break, we went to San Diego to visit my cousin and my friend from college.  They live by each other, which is fun.  We had a great time playing with them, but, unfortunately, only took one picture!  Lame!  So here we are by the San Diego temple!  Great fun was had by all!