Saturday, October 25, 2014

Remodel done!!

Wahoo!  We (meaning Chris) finished the remodel!  We love this room most of all in our house!

Our fancy camera is in the shop, so here are the photos we could come up with . . . .

 The best part--the closet!!
We still have a few touch-ups to do, and some decorating, but IT IS DONE!!  WA-HOO!!

We will love this room even more when Reagan arrives!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Remodel phase8

Have not posted this in a while!  But here we are!  I am not sure exactly what phase 7 was, so I will move onto phase 8:


Chris did the trim on the closet twice.  Because it looked bad the first time!

It is amazing how much better this place looks with trim!

Seeing the baby!

I went for a doctor's appointment today and got another ultrasound!  I love these!  It is so fun to hear a heartbeat and to see her little body moving around!  I could seriously listen to the heartbeat all day!

Here are the pictures:
Her chest cavity
 She is still a girl!
 Her sweet profile!
We are so excited to meet this girl in December!