Sunday, July 18, 2010

A fun week with family

As teachers, summers are the BEST!  We love that we get time to go on fun vacations, so here is another one!
Chris's parents came to Utah, and we took a trip down to the National Parks in Southern Utah with them and his brothers.  It was a blast.  First, we went to Moab and to Arches National Park.  We left on Tuesday, and visited Canyonlands and did a hike to Delicate Arch early Wednesday morning.  We made it to the top!  It actually was not nearly as bad of a hike as it was last year, because we are a lot more in shape!

Then, we went to Zion's National Park.  We have been through Zion's a few times, but just driven through without doing any hiking or anything.  It was HOT there--like 113 degrees!  But we did do a little bit of hiking and such, which was a lot of fun.  We also visited the St. George Temple and some other sites in St. George that were rather fun.

The next day, we were tired from all the hiking and everything!  So we spent a little while driving through Cedar Breaks National Monument and  Bryce Canyon National Park, which are some of our personal favorites as far as national parks go.  We spent the night attending Macbeth at the Utah Shakespearean Festival.  It was fantastic.  We even got to see Elder Oaks while we were there!

It was so much fun to spend the time with family.  We got a great place to stay in Cedar City.  It was a vacation townhouse rental, which was fun, because we could all be together the whole time.  Dad also rented a suburban for us.  It was the last trip for this year's National Parks Pass, so it has done us a lot of good--definitely paid for itself!  All in all, it was a wonderful trip!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Demolition Derby

We went to the Demolition Derby in Logan with my friend.  It was surprisingly cool!   They just have these old, beat-up cars that come and run into each other!  Highlights of the day . . .
 Watching cars smash each other

And trucks too!
At half time, all the kids in the audience came into the arena and danced to the music provided by a band.  Before, they were all on the sidelines, and there was one 12-year-old kid thrusting his pelvis by himself in the middle of the arena.

Closing remarks . . . Getting into the Derby--$8 each, Dinner at Arby's before--$6 each, Seeing this lady cheering . . . priceless!