Friday, July 8, 2016

Reagan 18 month stats

I took Reagan to the doctor this morning. Everything is looking great! Stats:
  • Weight: 22.9 pounds, 43rd percentile
  • Height: 32 inches, 45th percentile
  • Head: 19 inches, 91st percentile. This is exactly the same as last time. The nurse measured it twice though, so it looks like it really is exactly the same!
She is doing everything that she should according to her age measurements! The 40s seem a little odd to me, but, like Chris points out, she does have a pretty short grandma, so that might be part of the reason. But the doctor says she is still on point, so there are no worries! She is a doll and we love her so much!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Independence Day 2016

Independence Day was a fabulous weekend! My brother, Casey, and his girlfriend, Hilary came home, and we ran and ran and ran until they left! It was super fun!
First of all, I painted Reagan's toenails and fingernails. It's so fun to have a girl!
When Casey and Hilary got to town, we went to the BFG movie. Our kids spent most of the time on Grandma and Grandpa's laps, which was great for everyone involved!

We did fireworks dinner and fireworks Saturday night, then dinner together on Sunday, then rode our bikes to the parade on Monday morning. Reagan switched between Grandma, Casey, and Hilary. Davis spent the whole time with Grandpa.
We went to a barbecue at my grandparents' house, where Davis ate about a ton of pasta and covered his face in ketchup.
We went home for naps, then rode our bikes to the fireworks. We found that our table was a little too close to the river, which I think shaved years off of my life. But the kids had fun looking at the river, along with Casey and Hilary.
We rode our bikes home, and two kids fell asleep in the bike trailer. It was an exhausting but fun weekend!

We are so grateful that we live in America, and grateful for our independence as a nation!