Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turning one

First of all, how can you not love this kid?  He turned ONE on Wednesday!  Here are his stats:
Weight: 24 pounds, 3 ounces
Height: 31 inches
Head circumference: 19 1/4 inches

He is in the 80th percentile for his height and weight category, so he is doing well!

On Wednesday, we gave Davis some presents.  For the most part, he was uninterested.  We had a fun day where we did everything that Davis likes: we went to the library for storytime, and we visited Grandma.  We worked on opening presents, but by the end of the day, only one was opened!

On Saturday, we had a birthday party.  Here are some people who showed up:
Carter and Whitney drove up from Utah!  Here they are with Great Grandma
 And Great Grandpa
 And our neighbors that we walk with a lot, the Meservys.  We were glad they could come!
Of course, other people came too!
We got some cakes made by my cousin Kylie.  She did a great job.  As you can tell, the theme was monsters.
 This is the smash cake, which of course was BLACK!
The biggest hit of presents was the one from my parents.  Here they are, showing Davis his walker and how to use it:

He opened some more presents too:
And then ate the cake.  At first, he was unsure of what to do with it.  He caught on, though!

Before we threw him in the tub, he had kisses for Mommy and Daddy:

Things I want to remember about Davis at one year:
  • His growl.  Oh, my goodness.  He taught it to himself, and I really don't think it could get any funnier.
  • Davis so such a social child.  He loves to be around people, and loves to talk to people, especially kids!
  • Davis is a picky eater.  He will not take baby cereal without applesauce in it.  He is not convinced that the sippy cup is not poisonous.  He gives the best face if something is yucky!
  • Davis HATES public bathrooms.  The worst is getting changed on a changing table.
  • Davis LOVES our bathroom.  If we kept the door open, he would spend all day in it.
  • Davis's favorite game is dropping things to see what noise they make.  His favorite place to do this is on tile floor.  The other day, he dropped something glass.  It made a great noise as it shattered into a million pieces!  He was so proud of himself.
  • Davis is all about noise.  Besides dropping things, he loves to hear his voice when it echoes.  The garage, entrance to WalMart, and the library are some favorites.
  • He has basically slept through the night since day one!
Like I said at the beginning, how can you not love this boy?!