Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to us!

The Rusch family is fortunate enough to have both Chris and Tina's birthday in December, which results in a pretty crazy month for us.  With two birthdays and Christmas in the same month, by the end, we are ready to take a long winter's nap.  For Chris's birthday, his mom came to visit.  We went to PF Chang's with his family earlier in the week, and then opened his presents, had a yummy dinner at home, and went on a tour of Christmas lights on his birthday.

opening presents with Mom watching

A scrumptious dinner of gyoza and ice cream dessert

the best lights of the night--found in Orem

For my birthday, Chris made me a wonderful breakfast in the morning, and then after work I opened presents, and we took the TRAX to go to dinner at Tucano's and visit the lights at temple square.  It was the best birthday ever!

Eggs Benedict.  Yummy!

Dinner at Tucano's.  If you are part of the "birthday club," you get a free meal the month of your birthday.  Too bad ours is both the same month!  We would get really sick of it if we cashed them both in!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well yesterday was my last day of volunteering at Farrer elementary school. Though overall it was a good experience I am glad that I won't have to put in any more eleven hour days.

This afternoon I am going to prep for tomorrow's classes (something I have not had the time to do), wrap Tina's birthday presents, and take a long walk.

Speaking of walks, today was the first day I have walked to work in about three weeks. It felt so good to be out there with my backpack slowly plodding to work. I am excited to walk home too this afternoon.

All in all, things are good and I am happy.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OK, what does that mean?

The post about "Kids Learn About Immigration" is to promote a project that I am doing for my class that I need a little bit of money for.  If you are interested, go ahead and click on it!  Thanks

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kids Learn About Immigration

Kids Learn About Immigration

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Am I his mother?

Yesterday, I went to Smith's to pick up a prescription for Chris.  The man at the counter asked me the name and date of birth for the person's name and date of birth, which I gave.  I told him that it was his birthday tomorrow, and he said to wish him a happy birthday.  Then he asked me if I was his MOTHER!  I said, "No, I am his wife.  But I will be offended that you said that."  He laughed and apologized.

It was very very funny!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Today, we decorated our little abode for Christmas.  This was quite the ordeal, since it meant that we had to visit our storage unit (before dark, nonetheless) and get out the Christmas stuff, which was, coincidentally, clear in the back of the unit.  I decided that since we are cramped for space, and since we are trying to make life easier for ourselves this time of year, that I am only decorating using the Christmas tree and the nativity from Israel.  I am not going berserk with the Snow Village and the entire huge box of decorations that I own.

OK, here is the best part about our Christmas festivities.  On Monday night, for Family Home Evening, we made a paper chain to count down until going to Atlanta for Christmas.  My husband, the elementary school teacher, said that we should color the outside of the papers with holiday decorations, and then write on the inside of the papers why we are excited to go to Atlanta.  Funny.  Possibly the best part of the Family Home Evening was singing, "Here We Are Together."  The chorus went something like this: "There's Chris and Tina and Chris and Tina."  Silliness.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Steps forward: Grad School

Yesterday I got some good news in the mail. I got a letter of acceptance to library science from Clarion University. Clarion is small school in Pennsylvania which offers a very affordable online master of library and information science. This is good news. I am excited about this. The program is very affordable and flexible, something I need right now.

Clarion is my second choice. Right now I am focusing on the University of Alabama. If end up going with Clarion I am sure that I will get a great education that will prepare me for new career in library and information science.