Sunday, May 24, 2015

CUTE kids!

These are some pictures of my cute kids lately! There is never a dull moment around here!
We went to the Artitorium downtown with some friends! Tickets were on sale for Spring Break!

Sometimes, Reagan will be playing in her gym, and just decide that she is too tired! And sometimes when she falls asleep, she does so holding part of her gym. When she twitches, she wakes herself up. It is actually kind of funny to watch!

Eating adventures! Reagan hasn't figured out the whole eating thing yet . . .
 Right after her nightly bath, Reagan has CURLY hair! I am guessing it will also be curly after puberty!
Sometimes you just need to wear a tutu.

Davis's friend Alvin got chickens at his house. We went and saw them, and Davis loved them!

Davis is obsessed with trains and Thomas!
 Davis loves to help sweep the kitchen. It is one of his favorite activities! I hope it continues to be, especially when he can actually do it!
One of Davis's favorite things to do is to help his sister. He loves to give her things, like his toys (especially his trains, because they are his most prized possession), and his blankets, which rate second only to the trains.
 Reagan's joovy walker. I'm not sure who likes it more--Davis or Reagan.
Look who is getting so big and holding herself up more and more! She will be turning over before we know it!
Davis still loves books! He actually picked this one out from the library himself. Unfortunately, he got so excited about it that he ripped out some pages during naptime. He doesn't get to have books in his bed while he is sleeping any more, which is sometimes quite traumatic.

Those are just some every day happenings at our house! We love these kids!

Chris's FIRST marathon!

He has done two half marathons, and an ultra marathon, but for the first time, Chris finally did an actual marathon! We got a hotel reservation that was basically at the finish line of the marathon, which was nice. The not nice part was that it rained the WHOLE TIME that we were there! Chris finished in 4 hours, 39 minutes, and it was raining for the entire time! However, he has a great attitude and said that he was having tons of fun!
 The day before the race, we went to eat at Union Station, which is near train tracks. Chris took Davis to go see the trains. He did not want to eat. ever. again.
 Chris before the race

Saying, "Check out the rain!"
As soon as he finished the race and we found him, Chris said, "Well, let's go back to the hotel." It was raining and cold, and he was soaked to the bone. He took a very long, hot shower, and we packed and loaded the car. We asked where we could find a good burger, but we couldn't get to Five Guys because of the race. So, we went to a little Italian restaurant by the hotel. It had a fish tank, which Davis thought was very cool!

I am very proud of Chris for completing the marathon, especially with such a good attitude despite the rain. Way to go!!

Provo Temple

On May 9th, my little brother, Taylor, and his wife, Katie, were sealed to the little boy they adopted from Hong Kong in the LDS Provo temple. It was a great occasion! Our wonderful friends from Orem watched our kids while we attended the temple with our family. The kids had fun, and we had a blast at the temple. We are so grateful for temples, and for the knowledge that we are sealed with our kids for time and all eternity! This experience made it seem a lot more real that we are!
 With all the siblings outside the temple, while Taylor and Katie and their kids were inside getting ready to come out. Oh, how we love these people!

 All of Taylor and Katie's family in their white clothes, after the sealing.
 Grandma and Grandpa Davis came down to Orem to see the whole party!
 The kids downstairs during the party
 Grandma successfully got Reagan to fall asleep!

Playing and eating after the sealing
 Playing with cousins completely wiped Davis out! He fell asleep within minutes of getting in the car!