Saturday, June 29, 2013

New title!

We have changed our title, because, let's be honest--our last name does not describe us.  Not one bit!

Happy Father's Day

Trying again--
OK, so I know this is super late . . . we have been a little busy!

Right after moving into Idaho Falls, it was Father's Day.  I had Chris's Father's Day gift sent to Mom and Dad's house because I knew that if we got it at ours, we might find it before Father's Day next year!  So, here it is:

I call it iPad 0.0.  He wanted an iPad, but it wasn't in the budget, because we just purchased a new home.
I am so lucky to have Chris as my husband and as a father to Davis.  He is the best man I could ever ask for.  Here are some of the millions of reasons why I love him:
  • He is a great priesthood holder.  Right after Davis was born, he gave him a little blessing while he was in my arms.  I will forever cherish that memory.
  • He is a great provider.  He wants Davis and I to be happy.  That is his second priority.
  • His first priority is the Lord.  That is how it should be!
  • When I call him in a panic, he does what he can to help me be okay.  I called him last week and told him that the lawn was dying.  He came at lunch to help fix it.
  • He helps me to decide what is most important and what needs to be done.  I appreciate that.  He makes things that I think to be complicated easy.
  • He has made taking care of his body a priority.  While we lived in Orem, he would wake up at 5am to exercise before going to work.  Now, he waked up around 6:30 because of a change in work schedule, but exercise is a serious priority for him.
  • He makes Davis and I laugh.  All the time.  Sometimes he says things in his prayers JUST to make me laugh.  And it usually works.
  • He seems to know something about everything.  Honestly.  Just ask my family.
We love you, Chris!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Timp Cave

I told Chris that he needed to hike up to Timp Cave before we leave Utah.  So, of course, we decided to do it at the very last minute.  This morning, we took a hike and then toured the caves.  We didn't have to get there SUPER early, like my little brother did a few years ago to get tickets.  Thanks to the fact that you can reserve tickets the day before, going up early-ish was a little easier.

 This is what I got to see on the way up.

And this.

My cute boys!

 The heart of Timpanogos is always cool!
Our family photo shoot

 Davis fell asleep in the cave, of course.  It is dark, cool, and you are being carried by Daddy.  What could be better?

We need another baby carrier.  Any suggestions?  Ours was . . . not the best!