Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Honeymoon

We both think that in the history of honeymoons, ours was one of the best ever. It was a ton of fun! A lot of it will not be written, but some will . . .
We spent a night in Pocatello, then attended a ward in Pocatello on Sunday. After church, we drove to Salt Lake and spent a night at the Holiday Inn Express. We enjoyed a meal at Market Street Grill. On Monday morning, we flew to Disneyland and spent five fantastic days there in the park. We stayed right across the street from Disneyland, so we could go back to our hotel when it got hot and crowded. There was a spot where salesmen stood on our way back to the hotel. We think they were trying to sell some sort of timeshare. Every time we went there, they would try to stop us to sell us something. Finally, on our last day there, Chris told them that we were Eastern Orthodox and could not accept anything that they sold. I had to hide my face because I was laughing so hard!
We ate breakfast at Mimi's Cafe every morning that we were in California. We found a good trick to use at Mimi's--splitting meals. It is cost effective, and a good way to make sure that we didn't overeat. Half a breakfast was PLENTY of food for both of us!
We got a free pizza from the Pizza Hut in the hotel. We were so tired that we took advantage of it and loved it the first night!
We used FastPasses to our advantage. We very much learned how to use the FastPass system. We would go get a FastPass, then go on a ride that didn't have one, then when the time to get a new FastPass would come up, we would get a new one, then go on the original FastPass ride. It was a good system.

Chris got a new wallet. After 15 years, this is him saying goodbye to his old one. I think it was high time!


  1. "a lot of it will not be written" -- HA! you are too funny! so fun that y'all went to disneyland and your pictures are so beautiful! congrats again-- wish we could have made it to your reception. love ya sis!

  2. I'm glad the wedding went well and you had such a fun honeymoon. You know, we only live 25 minutes from Disneyland...can't believe you didn't call. :) Just kidding! I'm glad you got to enjoy such a happy place and Mimi's Cafe (a favorite of ours too) to celebrate being married!

  3. So glad to hear your honeymoon was wonderful!!! Jon and I were very jealous ya'll were in Disney Land! Your wedding was beautiful and I can't wait to see you next week!! Love ya!

  4. Dacula Ward is me! I guess I was still signed in under my church e-mail. Woops!! :)