Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The nursery!

One of my summer projects was to get all the furniture moved out of our guest room, and get furniture moved in to make it a nursery.  And the project is completed!  We got the furniture at Deseret Industries.  It is GREAT and sturdy furniture for an awesome price!  We also got the bedding/crib set at Buy, Buy, Baby, which is a great place to go for everything baby.  It is owned by Bed, Bath, and Beyond and set up a lot like those stores.  The instructions that came with the crib said that assembly requires "two people."  What it really meant was "one person who knows what they are doing and one person to hold things," it turns out.  We had those two people!  Putting together the nursery was actually tons of fun!  Here is the finished product . . .

Monday, July 9, 2012

20 weeks!

I am HALFWAY there!  I reached the 20 week mark a week ago tomorrow!  And, today, we went in for the "BIG ULTRASOUND" to see how it is all going!

Good news--everything is going sooooo well!  He is perfect in every way!

Here are some pictures of Davis:
 Here he is, smiling for us!  We also saw him sucking his thumb.  So darling!
 Still a boy!
 You can see his face and his arm in this picture
A pretty good picture of the right leg.

We found out that the reason that I haven't felt much kicking from Davis is that my placenta is kind of blocking it.  They promised that it would come when he gets a little bigger, and it is no reason to worry!  He is now almost a pound--15 ounces!

Here I am on the day that I became 20 weeks pregnant:
We are pretty excited!