Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We love taking the weekend off!

For President's Day, we decided to take Friday off.  Monday was already a holiday, so we enjoyed a four-day weekend, which was great!

Instead of the traditional President's Day at the cabin, we went to a district basketball game of Casey's.  His team WON!!  At HIGHLAND!!  (this is a big deal . . . )

Chris also got his hair cut by Grandma Davis.  From seeing the previous blog post, he told me that it was time.  I relented.

Other things we did that don't have pictures attached . . . we slept in, watched an episode of Lost, went to the temple, went to church, saw Grandma and Grandpa speak in sacrament meeting in their ward, went to a movie, and just hung out!

Being home was WONDERFUL!!  We love spending time with family and just relaxing!!  Thanks for a great weekend, family.
Casey during a time out with the team

I took SO MANY pictures of the game.  This is just one . . .

You can for sure see Casey on the bench!  He's the tallest!

Our friend Superfan

Grandma giving Chris the fantastic buzz cut!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A very special visitor

Because we don't have kids (yet), we sometimes borrow them from our brothers.  Ever since we had her come stay with us in May, Anna has been begging to come back.  So we had her back this weekend.
We had a TON of fun.  We made Valentines for her family, went to Pizza Pie Cafe, went to the Bean Museum, watched Despicable Me, and had German pancakes in the morning.  We are so grateful to Taylor and Katie for letting us borrow their daughter for the night!

Here are some pictures of hanging out at the Bean Museum:
This is what a rhino feels like.

Learning about starfish from Uncle Chris

Notice the missing bow.  It was left at Pizza Pie Cafe, and joined us again later!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Photography lessons by me

Tonight for FHE, we . . .
Watched LOST.  We got a Wii, mainly so we could watch Netflix videos, and LOST has become our new obsession.  We love it and feel like we know the characters in it!
Went to the Bean Museum on BYU campus.  We actually got there right when the Reptile show was starting, so we saw . . .

We went to the museum to try my camera out, and because our condo was being shown.  It was pretty cool.  And I found out this fascinating fact . . .

Telling your camera what kind of lighting you have makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

So, I took a bunch of other pictures with the new light setting, and think they turned out kind of cool!

This is the animal that Chris wants as a pet . . . a dik dik.  Unfortunately, he found out that they don't make good pets.  Darn.