Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On a scale of 1-10

Okay, Tina and I made up a new game you might like to play. It is great for starting conversations and otherwise just having a little bit of fun when you are in the car with another person. The game is called one to ten.

One to ten is simple, costs nothing, and extremely easy to play. Essentially you ask your friend to rate anything on a scale of one to ten with ten being absolutely amazing and one being a broken femur or napalm burning your skin off. You ask the other person to rate something and then explain why they gave it that rating. It might go something like this:

Tina: One to ten, Barnes and Noble
Chris: Hm, I'd say 6.
Tina: Why 6?
Chris: Well, ever since I got my library card, I have had a diminished desire to buy books, which diminished further after having to box up books I have never read and move them from one place to another.

I wouldn't say that one to ten is hours of fun, but I will confess it is quite amusing to play when you are driving on University Parkway and want to have a little fun. Another fun game is sneak the turkey out of Wal-Mart. At least that's what I heard. Has anyone played that game? If so, let us know.

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