Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sick boy

Davis has been sick the past few days . . . or past week!  He has been slightly miserable, but of course, is still a happy little boy.  He has decided recently that he is down to one nap a day.  Here are the pros and cons to this as I see it.
Pro: Planning the day is easier.  He usually takes his nap for about 3 hours, from 1-4 during the day.  So, if I don't plan anything within that time frame, anything else is mostly fair game.
Con: Sometimes he gets pretty cranky earlier in the day, but refuses to take a nap.  Also, it makes showering in the morning tough.  I either have to do it before he wakes up, or confine him in his jumper or high chair while I do it, which ticks him off.
But, while he was sick, sometimes he still took two naps:
This is him asleep after our walk.  Such a sweet boy.
This is one of his jumpers that I put him in while I shower.  He looks content and happy playing with it.  But, later, it ticked him off!

Ultra Marathon

Last year, Chris completed a couple of half marathons.  My dad asked him if he would ever do a full marathon.  He said no.  He was right--partly.  Instead of doing a full marathon, he skipped right to doing a 50k.  It was at Antelope Island in Layton.  We were able to have both of our parents there, which was a great help and support.  You can read more about his experience here.  Here are some pictures of my crazy husband, who I love dearly, running:

This is my favorite.  It is of him running the part of Antelope Island that people usually do not have access to.

 This kind of sums up the experience.  The sign says, "Moderation has it's place.  It ain't here."

We love visitors!

Grandma and Grandpa Rusch came to visit!  We had so much fun!  We showed them our house, and Chris's work, and just hung out and played all the time.  Davis was very sad to see them go, because they provided people for him to entertain all day long.  I am not as fun as they are.  I was sad to see them go too.  It was a great week!  We are excited to spend Christmas with them!!

Davis can stand up now!  This is a new adventure that he learned while Grandma and Grandpa were here.  This means that another level needs to be cleared!  I am definitely running out of "up" places to put things.

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken at Freeman Park on a beautiful fall day.  I had a friend from high school take them, and she did a super job!  Here are some faves!

 And here are his funny faces . . . seriously, this child cracks us up!