Sunday, August 26, 2012

Top of Utah

It is now time for me to do a little bragging for my husband.  He completed the Top of Utah Half Marathon yesterday!  My brother and sister-in-law also completed it, and said that Chris was the rock of the race!  He never stopped and just kept jogging at a constant speed.  He finished in 2 hours, 44 minutes, which was WAY UNDER what he expected.  Way to go, babe!  My parents came to the race to help out with Taylor and Katie's kids, and to cheer them on (along with Chris).  We actually went to the Maverik that was about three miles from the finish, because Katie's mom called my mom and told her that they were there.  We seriously pulled in right as they were getting there, and were there for less than a minute to cheer them on, which was perfect timing!  Even a little too perfect!  Then we went to the finish line, and Dad paid a guy to park in his driveway, and we saw them finish.  Here are some pictures I took from the race . . .
 Here are Taylor and Katie waving hello to their kids.  We saw them about 3 miles before they finished.  It was so fun!

 Taylor finishing
 Chris finishing

 Taylor and Katie after the race
Chris after the race
 Everyone who raced--Taylor Cash, Katie and Taylor Davis, Chris, and Travis and Kellie
Way to go, everyone!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

6 months!

On the first day back at school, I was officially 6 months pregnant, with three months left to go.  Figuring it was a big event, being on the first day of school and all, I had a picture taken:
There are many things that I love about being pregnant (and many things that I don't, but we will forget that list).  One of the things that I love is feeling Davis kick while I am lying down or sitting down.  It is so fun to feel like I have a little friend who is saying hi to me all day long!  He is an active one, so it looks like we will have our hands full!

Oh Canada!

So we took a family reunion trip to Victoria, BC.  It was fabulous!  My mom found a little cabin in the middle of the woods (you should have seen the switchbacks to try and get there.  4-wheel drive was needed in the driest conditions!) that basically had its own little piece of ocean connected to it.
Seriously.  This is the view out our deck.  Amazing!

We did several fun things while we were there, but honestly, the best was just being together.  Here is what we did most nights:
Yep.  Just hung out on the deck, playing games, reading books, and talking with each other.  During the day, the kids would play in the pool, while we sat around and watched them.

Or watched the inside of our eyelids.  That was okay too.

When we weren't hanging around in paradise, we would go into Victoria and play.  One day, our adventure of the day was going to a place called "Ice Cream Mountain" and having ice cream.  One day, our adventure was to go to Butchart Gardens and look at flowers.

I could put a million more photographs in, and they would all be just as breathtaking.

Mom worked hard to get a ship to go Whale Watching in Victoria for two pregnant ladies and four little kids.  She finally found this one, which agreed to do it.  It was a great adventure!

Orcas.  Yep.

Anyway, it was a fabulous vacation, much enjoyed by all.  Chris and I missed a couple of days of school while we were gone, so it was a little tough to go back to school right after being in heaven!  But we adjusted and all is well!

Oh, and we took some family pictures while we were there.  Here is the link, if you are interested!