Tuesday, July 1, 2014


June is a great month in Idaho!  Here is Davis on the floor at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I forget what he was doing.  Probably just being silly.
Then we decided to remodel our bonus/TV room.  More on that later.  But, while we were cleaning out the garage, Davis was checking out the hose.  It was squirting water into his mouth.  That is more fun that a little boy can handle.

He completely soaked himself, which resulted in a bath later.
I decided to finally bust out my maternity clothes, at 15 weeks.  Here is my 15 week picture.
So fun!
I went to Girls' Camp.  Here are some selfies that we took in the car before leaving.

It was VERY COLD at Girls' Camp.  I was not planning on it, but I left on Tuesday.  Then I went back for testimony meeting on Thursday night.  Chris came with me, which was very nice.

I also decided that Davis needed some new shoes, because his were DEAD.  I found out that he has grown TWO SIZES since Christmas!  He has certainly put a lot of love into these shoes.  I had to take a picture before I threw them away.  These are his first shoes that he actually wore, and he learned how to walk in them.

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