Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to us!

A little out of order . . . sorry!

Okay, here is the missing December post--both of our birthdays!  This is why I have a love-hate relationship with December!  Anyway, here are the birthday happenings!

First, Chris . . . 
 We went to Jacinto's with my parents.  They sang the birthday song.  I hate that, but Chris loves it!  Chris also has a squinting problem.  This was one of three pictures, all of which have his eyes closed.
 This was the day that Davis decided to go of liquids altogether.  He is still convinced a sippy cup is poisonous, but he will drink a bottle.
 Here is his silly hands-on-his-head move.
 Chris with his gifts on the big day.
 When your birthday is on a Sunday, your wife has to make a nice dinner for you!
 And when Dad is gone, Mom has to come and take the pictures too!
 A pretty cute kid joined us for the festivities
We had gyoza--a Davis family favorite

 33!  Man, that is old!
 Blowing out the candles on the tres leches cake!

And now Tina . . .
 A cute boy helping me open presents
 The only picture that Chris took with me and the gifts.  I call this my "chipmunk face."

  Davis helped out with rearranging the nativity while I was opening presents.  So nice!
 Presents from my parents

Yay for Davis!  Yay for turning 30!  Yay for the Sandpiper with Mom and Dad!  Yay for not having to cook on my birthday!  Yay for birthdays!  Yay for December!  Yay for it almost being over!

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  1. Um, you've got your ages all mixed up in this. Chris's candles say 35, your words say 33. And i would swear we turn 32 this year. So, yea for turning 30 a while back!