Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Georgia!

We went to visit Chris's family for Christmas this year.  We had a great time!

On the flight over, Davis fell asleep in Daddy's arms.  BEST. THING. EVER.

This is a little game we call, "drop it."  It's where you pick something up, like this water bottle, and drop it on the ground to see what sound it makes.
Or you can play it with a potato.  So fun!
We constructed a gingerbread house, which was fun!

We opened our Christmas jammies and wore them on Christmas Eve.  I made them.  I am quite proud!

I have SO. MANY. ADORABLE. PHOTOS. of Davis on Christmas morning.  I will spare you the adorableness.  We had a great time.  He was mostly clueless about the whole thing, but wrapping paper was really fun.  And so are bubbles with Grandpa!  As our sister-in-law said, bubbles are always a hit!

The day after Christmas, we took a drive to Telulah Gorge and saw the falls.  Who knew there was something that looked just like Mesa Falls in Georgia?

 Davis falling asleep on mommy.  He refused to sleep any other way.  Okay.
On the flight back, we were supposed to sit across the aisle from each other.  A couple traded us for their seats, which was a window and a middle seat.  That is, of course, not as good as two aisles, but better with a baby.  Then they asked for volunteers to take a later flight.  The couple volunteered, and no one took their spot.  So we had three seats for the three of us.  It was great because Davis had room to move around, which was especially wonderful since he also had a three hour car ride ahead of him as well.

We love everyone that we hung out with!  Until we meet again . . . MUAH!

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