Wednesday, August 21, 2013

9 month stats

Before I forget:
  • Weight: 21.15 pounds--84th percentile
  • Height: 28.5 inches--59th percentile
  • Head circumference: 19.5 inches--94th percentile--FINALLY MEASURABLE IN PERCENTILE!
So we have a pretty average baby, as far as stats go.  But his personality is DEFINITELY not average.

We went to see the pediatrician today, and he had nothing but kind words to say about my parents and grandparents.  He is in Grandma and Grandpa's ward.  He said that Grandpa was the reason he decided to come to Idaho Falls.  Thanks, Grandpa!

Things I want to remember about Davis at 9 months:
  • He is a PEOPLE PERSON.  There is nothing Davis likes more than being around people and "talking" to them.  He makes friends everywhere we go!
  • His grunt.  Hilarious.
  • Davis is NOT really a food person.  As in, in most situations, he could take it or leave it.  I kind of have to remind him to eat.  :)  He likes most fruits and vegetables, and we are starting to introduce meat.  Carrots are bad.  Rice cereal is good, as long as it has applesauce in it.  If not, GROSS!!  Serves me right for having a picky eater.  :)  My parents have no sympathy.  I give him Cheerios at the beginning of every meal, but he has not figured out that they are FOOD that he can eat.
  • Davis is quite proud that he can crawl and sit up on his own.  He can pretty much get anywhere he needs to go, which is quite cool.
  • He is content playing by himself, or playing with us.  Whatever, really.
  • Like I have always said, Davis would be the perfect 2nd child.  One of his favorite things is to have us in his face.  The closer the better.
  • He loves his daddy.  A lot.  I mean, he loves me too, but he is with me all day, so Daddy definitely wins!
    Taking this picture was tricky.  I didn't have my nice camera, because it is being fixed (It is coming home soon!  Hooray!)  I had him sitting on the couch for a brief amount of time, but he kept barreling off.  So, the rest of the photo shoot was done on the floor.


  1. What a great guy! We've got to come visit you guys!

  2. Oh! I miss this little guy! We need to come visit again. Love you!

  3. He looks 100% exactly like Chris in this picture. Love it.