Saturday, August 31, 2013

First haircut

This morning, Davis's hair looked very long.  I decided that he needs to look handsome for church tomorrow.  So, we took a trip to Dollar Cuts and got looking handsome!  Here are some pictures of the event:
Looking cute, and loving the little apron, and the fact that he felt so tall in the seat

 And then the scissors and clippers came out.  Not impressed.

 But this is the final result: SO CUTE!!!

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  1. Ethan was not a fan of haircuts for a long time, instead of subjecting innocent people to the screaming I bought an inexpensive set of clippers with attachments and just buzz him at home now. He has finally come to terms with them, and it is nice being able to take care of it whenever. Boys are so much easier than girls in this regard. Super cute pics BTW.