Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween!  Like Chris says, no one remembers the reason for the season any more.  To which I replied, "What is the reason for the season?"  Weird.  We were happy to have the day off of church stuff, since we had church meetings every day last week!
We went to deliver a birthday present to Randah, whose birthday is on Halloween.  Then, we went to look at our old house on Stratford Drive, which is right by where she lives.  Isn't it cute?  A new porch has been built onto it, but the numbers are still the same as they were when we lived there!

Then we went to Taylor and Katie's to celebrate Halloween.  We saw their kids in costumes, and watched The Others together.  When I was taking pictures of the kids, Max was being so cute!  After I would take the picture, he would come over and say, "See, see," and I would show him the picture.  Then he would point to it and tell me who was in the picture: "Max.  Anna."  It was just too adorable to be able to talk to him!  We also gave a birthday present to Carter, whose birthday is on Thursday.  It was way fun!

Hope everyone had a great one!

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