Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Weekly Roar 10/4/09

Tina and I are glad that one week has come to an end and that another is beginning. We are excited because this week marks the last full week of work before we go up to Idaho to spend the UEA break with Mom, Dad, Casey, and Uncle John and Aunt Lisa. I guess that both of us will just hunker down and tough it out until next Wednesday afternoon when we will get in the car and head for Idaho Falls.

Tina and I enjoyed General Conference. One thing about the conference that has really made me happy is how quickly the sessions have been uploaded to And, as if things could not get any better, the Priesthood session is now available for download. I think this is great. It will make putting them on the old iPod so much easier. I plan on working my way through the sessions starting tomorrow morning on the way to work.

After months of talking about it Tina and I are going to work at the Provo temple. We were interviewed and set apart on Friday afternoon. While we are both very busy, working in the temple will bring great blessings into our lives. Tina feels that this is the only chance we will have to do this for quite some time. She is right. Once the kids come along we will not be able to work as temple workers for a long time. I am looking forward to learning more about the temple. The downside is that Tina has forbade me from working in the cafeteria :-)

On Saturday I filled out two applications to graduate school. Right now I am seriously considering the University of Alabama and Clarion University of Pennsylvania as my top two choices. I am going to apply to a third and possibly a fourth school and then see where the chips fall.

Right now I am leaning towards Alabama. One reason is the program's cost is very reasonable. Another reason is the mascot. A huge Elephant can destroy anything. In all seriousness though, UA is very respected and I have heard that their program is top notch.

This week we are going to get a new calendar to count down the days until we go to Atlanta for Christmas. Tina says I am in charge of that. Right now there is just over two months until we hop on that plane and head to Atlanta for two weeks. It will be good to spend time with the family, especially with our nephew Jack and the greatest miniature schnauzer in the world, our little friend Ebby (Tina wants me to clarify that Ebby is not her friend and that I am one of those "weird dog people" to which I say, "Dogs are people too!").

Well, that's about it from the Rusch's. We will see you next or so.



  1. We're so excited for ya'll to come home too!!! And we're definitely voting for Alabama! It'd be good to have ya'll within driving distance. :)

  2. The UA program is an online/distance education program. I would, however, come to Alabama for a lengthy orientation and then spend the rest of the time, wherever we decide to live, working on my degree from there. Sorry to get your hopes up.


  3. I am voting for Alabama, as I'll be able to see Tina more often and get to know you! But it sounds like you might decide to do it online.
    We have good friends in our ward here who go to school in UAB and they love it!