Thursday, October 8, 2009

Idaho Falls

Next week Tina and I have Thursday and Friday off. For second year in a row we are going to spend our fall break in Idaho Falls doing whatever our hearts feel like. I know that both of us could use a break from work and I know Tina will like having a break from four preps and the over 200 kids she works with just about everyday. Me, I always like changes in routine, so getting away for a few days will be really, really, nice.

At first we were planning on spending some of that time up at her parents' cabin in Island Park. But after realizing that was not going to work out, we are content to spend some time in town, doing the things we do when we are there. One thing that might be fun will be to take a drive up the highway to the gas station where there are square Ice Cream cones. The fall colors will be out and the drive is just gorgeous.

So, let the countdown begin. Today (Thursday) marks the one week mark before we head out.

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