Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Riding a bike is fun to do....

Today was my second day riding my/Tina's bike to work. It was reminiscent of the time I spent as a missionary in northern California. The difference, well, the people I work with/serve in my current career are just as crazy as many of the people I ran into on the mean streets of Oroville.

It was nice. It was nice to have the wind in my face and seeing so many things I normally don't see, or notice, while driving my car. For instance, I noticed a vacant lot. I drive by it every day and don't give it any thought. Today, though, I noticed that grass is starting to come back into that lot, somehow allowing the good creation a chance for it to return to the way it once was before people came along and built something only to tear it down twenty or so years later.

The mountains stood out. There is snow still up in the highest reaches. The deer are in the fields outside the hospital as the grass has come back.

Yes, riding a bike to work was a good idea. Not only for my bodily health, but my soul, my total being, as well.

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