Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For family home evening, Tina and I went to the Harold B. Lee library at BYU. Tina checked out a differentiation for gifted and talented children and I checked out a bunch of books. Two were by N.T. Wright, two by Desmond Tutu, and two more by Jaroslav Pelikan. I returned the Harold Bloom book and the Origien translation. I think there might be one other book I checked out, but am not sure.

I am so glad that Tina turned me on to going to the library. If we had been at a bookstore and bought all the books we checked, I suspect we would have spent something like three to four hundred dollars. It is great to know that we have all the books we want for free. I am especially excited that Tina can check out books for 13 weeks. More than enough time to tear through the books I checked out.

I was especially excited because Harold (what students affectionately call the library) had an N.T. Wright book that is not scheduled to be released for at least another three weeks. It may sound boring to you, but I was on cloud nine.

We came home, made Cuban sandwiches, and then started FHE. Our family night consisted of me watching Food Network while Tina graded papers. After that, Aunt Laura came over to deliver a wedding present. She gave us a beautiful quilt for our bed that we will probably use someday.

This afternoon I am going to the storage unit to dig out cookie jar lids. With my luck, they are at the very back of the unit behind the mattress, boxspring, and head board we have there for safe keeping.

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