Sunday, March 2, 2014

A month of food storage

Ah, February.  I am so glad that you are over.  I think I have cried more this month than in any other month of my life.  But I digress . . . one of the things that we accomplished this month was living completely on food storage.  It was a success!  Here are some things that we learned:
  • We had WAY more food than we thought we needed.  I guess that is better than having less!  But we definitely made it through the month without starving.  :)
  • We like having meals in the freezer to just warm up and serve.  Pizzas are a BAD idea for a freezer meal.  Don't do it!  But we are having chicken enchiladas from the freezer tonight, which is great, because Chris just made twice what we wanted and we froze half of them.
  • I think the only thing that we really ran out of was ketchup.  I found this recipe on how to make ketchup.  Chris liked the homemade ketchup.  I didn't.
  • We didn't buy enough ice cream before we started.  We are excited to have ice cream again.
  • We are excited to have ice cream and fresh produce again!  I seriously cannot wait!
  • Something I learned about myself: I have never been a huge fan of vegetables.  Ask my family.  But I am much more likely to eat FRESH vegetables than frozen vegetables.  Chris ate the frozen ones, basically every day, and was fine.  But I am not that good at having frozen ones, unless I make myself do it!
  • Leftovers are our friends!  Seriously, we rarely had sandwiches for lunch because we had so many leftovers.

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