Friday, January 24, 2014

Food Storage!

So, as I said in the last post, we got our shelves in our food storage room put up.  This was very exciting for us, because we got to actually look at what we have as far as food storage.  So, we assessed what we had, and what we needed, and went to the cannery to get some more stuff.  Holy smokes!  It is so fun to go to a cannery!  We bought a lot of stuff that we didn't even know that we needed!  We also rented a canner, and canned our own rice and flour today.  So now we are set!
Chris looked at the food and said that we should make it our personal challenge to not buy any food in February. We are making it our personal goal to not go to the store for anything besides milk or eggs during the entire month of February.  This is going to be a test of our food storage, and of our freezer meal making skills. (I have never tried it before.  Wish me luck!)  So here we go for an adventure!  Here is our menu, very subject to change:
February Menu
1.     Pepperoni pizza
2.     Penne pasta skillet x2
3.     Grilled chicken and veggies
4.     Potato bar
5.     Breakfast
6.     Italian chicken and potatoes in the crockpot
7.     BBQ chicken pizza*
8.     Curry chicken and rice
9.     Spaghetti and meatballs
10. Tacos
11. Enchiladas*
12. Freezer lasagna*
13. Beef fajitas
14. Chili
15. Pepperoni pizza
16. Grilled chicken and veggies
17. Homemade bread
18. Leftover penne pasta skillet
19. Tater tot casserole*
20. Curry chicken and rice
21. Breakfast
22. BBQ Chicken pizza*
23. Freezer lasagna*
24. Spaghetti
25. Leftovers or breakfast
26. Italian chicken and potatoes in the crockpot
27. Enchiladas*
28. Breakfast

If you want to know more about our church's views about food storage, click here!  Wish us luck!

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