Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sick boy

Davis has been sick the past few days . . . or past week!  He has been slightly miserable, but of course, is still a happy little boy.  He has decided recently that he is down to one nap a day.  Here are the pros and cons to this as I see it.
Pro: Planning the day is easier.  He usually takes his nap for about 3 hours, from 1-4 during the day.  So, if I don't plan anything within that time frame, anything else is mostly fair game.
Con: Sometimes he gets pretty cranky earlier in the day, but refuses to take a nap.  Also, it makes showering in the morning tough.  I either have to do it before he wakes up, or confine him in his jumper or high chair while I do it, which ticks him off.
But, while he was sick, sometimes he still took two naps:
This is him asleep after our walk.  Such a sweet boy.
This is one of his jumpers that I put him in while I shower.  He looks content and happy playing with it.  But, later, it ticked him off!

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