Friday, June 7, 2013

Timp Cave

I told Chris that he needed to hike up to Timp Cave before we leave Utah.  So, of course, we decided to do it at the very last minute.  This morning, we took a hike and then toured the caves.  We didn't have to get there SUPER early, like my little brother did a few years ago to get tickets.  Thanks to the fact that you can reserve tickets the day before, going up early-ish was a little easier.

 This is what I got to see on the way up.

And this.

My cute boys!

 The heart of Timpanogos is always cool!
Our family photo shoot

 Davis fell asleep in the cave, of course.  It is dark, cool, and you are being carried by Daddy.  What could be better?

We need another baby carrier.  Any suggestions?  Ours was . . . not the best!


  1. Ergo carrier. I debated over the price, but it has been the best investment ever as fas as baby gear goes. I got mine from They give a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. I actually got one of their used ones that they sell for a little less--looked brand new!

  2. Oh, and I also meant to mention that I remember hiking Timp Caves with you and Katie. That's the only time I ever did it--so glad I did. It was fun!