Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Trying again--
OK, so I know this is super late . . . we have been a little busy!

Right after moving into Idaho Falls, it was Father's Day.  I had Chris's Father's Day gift sent to Mom and Dad's house because I knew that if we got it at ours, we might find it before Father's Day next year!  So, here it is:

I call it iPad 0.0.  He wanted an iPad, but it wasn't in the budget, because we just purchased a new home.
I am so lucky to have Chris as my husband and as a father to Davis.  He is the best man I could ever ask for.  Here are some of the millions of reasons why I love him:
  • He is a great priesthood holder.  Right after Davis was born, he gave him a little blessing while he was in my arms.  I will forever cherish that memory.
  • He is a great provider.  He wants Davis and I to be happy.  That is his second priority.
  • His first priority is the Lord.  That is how it should be!
  • When I call him in a panic, he does what he can to help me be okay.  I called him last week and told him that the lawn was dying.  He came at lunch to help fix it.
  • He helps me to decide what is most important and what needs to be done.  I appreciate that.  He makes things that I think to be complicated easy.
  • He has made taking care of his body a priority.  While we lived in Orem, he would wake up at 5am to exercise before going to work.  Now, he waked up around 6:30 because of a change in work schedule, but exercise is a serious priority for him.
  • He makes Davis and I laugh.  All the time.  Sometimes he says things in his prayers JUST to make me laugh.  And it usually works.
  • He seems to know something about everything.  Honestly.  Just ask my family.
We love you, Chris!

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