Friday, May 24, 2013


I always get a little nostalgic when I move.  Amid the crazy packing, I have had a few thoughts.

Things that we are looking forward to in Idaho:
  • Chris experiencing a new job that is really what he wants to do
  • Living so close to family--my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles
  • Having a house with so much room and so many possibilities of expansion in a great neighborhood
  • Not having to rent a storage unit across town
  • No more annoying dog next door
  • No more neighbors downstairs to complain and ask things like, "Could you take your baby somewhere else when he cries?"  Seriously.
  • No more laundry room in the garage.  Cold in the winter!
  • Being able to stay in the car for the entire entrance and exit of our home.  We don't have a garage door remote opener.  Bummer.
  • Having two bathrooms.  On the main level.
Things that we will miss about Utah:
  • Living close to family--we will miss Taylor and Katie and Carter and Whitney
  • Our ward and the friends in our ward
  • The great callings that we have had and people we have been able to serve with
  • Living close to the Murdock Canal Trail (mostly Chris, but it is pretty cool!)
  • Living close to Kneader's (dorky, I know . . . )
This home in Orem has been the place where:
  • We have had all of our belongings under one roof.  For a short amount of time.
  • We have had our first guestroom, which was super fun, especially when we got our parents to come and visit!
  • We have gone through the entire in vitro process.  I can't express how grateful I am that we lives relatively close to the clinic and to my school at the time.
  • We were able to dress up Davis's nursery and invite him to our little family
  • We had our first garden adventures (yeah, not going to happen this year . . . )
  • We had many many adventures with many many beloved people
All in all, we have enjoyed this home and the many wonderful things that have come from it.  This home was definitely an inspiration from the very beginning, when I was SICK of us living on top of each other and decided that we needed to GET OUT of Provo, fire our realtor, and move on.  By answer to sincere prayer (or maybe we had even given up on praying for it at this point), the girl who came to look at our condo said that she was interested in having her parents buy it if that was okay with us.  We decided it was.  And could they move in for a month and pay us rent in the meantime?  Sure!  We also found a perfect spot, close to the school I worked at, that had a reasonable rent price, and seemed perfect to fit our needs.  And the landlord seemed like a pretty decent guy too!  Sometimes, I swear that our Heavenly Father has a real sense of humor!  :)

We will miss you, Orem, and hold a special place for you in our hearts.  However, we are excited for our new adventure!

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