Monday, May 13, 2013


We found a home in Idaho Falls!  Because owning is actually cheaper than buying right now, and because I know Idaho Falls REALLY WELL, we started looking for homes last weekend.
We found nothing.  Actually, we found a few places that REEKED of smoke.  No thanks.
So, we came home and did A LOT of research to figure out exactly what we wanted, and exactly how much we could afford.  We went back, armed with information this weekend.  The plan was, if we did not find something on Saturday, I would stay for the week and look (by myself!) for a home.  I packed accordingly.
First, we had an appointment with a friend from my ward who was selling a place that she and her husband bought in Ammon.  It was a CUTE home, and made us super excited, because after fixing up some things the renters ruined (aargh!), it would be very livable!
I got an email earlier in the day from trulia that said that there was an open house in the area.  I usually don't pay a ton of attention to those emails, but the open house was close, so I thought, "Why not?"  After visiting my friend's, we went to the open house.
And the house is PERFECT and able to be moved into right now.
There are several remodels that will need to happen eventually.  But when we first get in, we will enjoy the retro-ness of the place, and the fact that it is over TWICE the square footage that we have now!
We showed it to our family, and to our real estate agent.
We went and visited more homes with our agent, and it was great to have the place we had just seen to compare them all too.
We made an offer, and have now come to an agreement!  So, we will be closing on June 12th, after which we will come back to our place, and load a U-Haul like crazy on the 13th.  On the 14th, we will be moving to IDAHO FALLS!!  YAY!!

This is a picture of the new house:
Isn't it cute?  We think so!!

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