Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What a big boy!

Davis is growing so much lately!  It seems like every single day, he does something new!  Here are some pictures of Davis through the months:
And here is his 5 month picture:

 Here are some things I want to always remember about Davis at 5 months:
  • He LOVES to roll around on the ground.  It started when he could roll from his back to his front.  That made him mad, because tummy time is no fun.  But, now he can roll both ways, which makes him happy!
  • He loves his tongue.
  • His hands still amaze him.  The child spends HOURS looking at his hands and his fingers and crossing his fingers and uncrossing his fingers.  Why do you need toys when you have hands?
  • He does not like to practice sitting up.  However, this is a skill that we are working on.  That ticks him off.
  • When he is full, he will not eat one more drop.  And he will not eat anything until he is STARVING.  Sometimes, like tonight, that means going over 5 hours without food.
  • He loves to talk.  Sometimes.
  • He thinks it is the funniest thing that he can roll across the room.  Sometimes, he will roll and I will come into the room and say, "What are you doing?  I put you over here when I left."  That is the funniest thing in the world.
  • He loves to hold my hand and grunt while he is having his bottle.
  • He is a very good sleeper, and pretty much, the best baby ever.  Most of the time!  That's what being a baby is, right? 
  • His favorite way to fall asleep is with both of his hands in the air.
  • Sleeping with Davis is like sleeping with . . . a tornado 
  • He practices growling all the time.
  • Sometimes, he actually doesn't mind having his nose cleaned out.  Unless there are a lot of boogers.  Then he minds.
Here are some sweet pictures of our sweet boy:
 With Uncle Carter and Aunt Whitney watching General Conference
 Tummy time on the Boppy.  At least he stays in one place this way!
 "Davis, what are you doing underneath the dresser?  I didn't put you there!"
 Falling asleep on his tummy in the play gym.  Sometimes, life is just rough.
 Hanging out with Mommy in bed.  The best is when he falls asleep with me in the mornings.  These are the times that I am grateful to be a mommy full time!
 Hanging out!
 Wouldn't eat a bottle, but wanted to eat his sock!

The cutest outfit he (we?) owns, in my personal opinion.  Nothing looks more grown up than jeans and a polo shirt.

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