Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sic Semper Tyrannis

"Sic Semper Tyrannis" are the words yelled by John Wilkes Boothe after the assassination of President Lincoln.  They are also Virginia's state motto.  We visited the state of Virginia last week for Spring Break!  Here are some of the happenings:

 We got economy plus seats on the flight over, which was a must, especially for Mommy's long legs, and having an extra person with us.  Davis even got some time to kick around on the floor, which is his favorite thing ever.

 We went to the kite festival at the mall.  It was supposed to be the best time to see the cherry blossoms, so we walked over to see them.  Too dang cold!
Daddy read some books to Davis on Easter morning.  He was very interested in them.

 Some love for Davis while both of our families got together for an Easter celebration.

 We went to Annapolis on Monday and took a ferry ride.  Annapolis is a really fun harbor town that we enjoyed visiting.

Davis and Eli had a lot of fun together.  OK, it was mostly parallel play.  But they kind of looked at each other!  While they were laying down, Eli was checking out Davis's ear and clothes.  Davis did not care a bit!
 We visited the FBI training grounds (Quantico) with Jon.  He told us all about when he was there training with the FBI.  Super cool.

 Because we are Civil War dorks, (We watched the entire Ken Burns documentary while dating.  Cool.) I decided that we should go visit the battlefield of Manassas, the first battle of the war.  Maria was excited and came with us, and so did Chris's mom.  Fun times.
 We went out to lunch at old town Alexandria, and Davis and Eli were both hungry at the same time.  Funny.

Some more cousin love for Davis.  Sooo cute!

We went and saw Great Falls National Park on our way out of town.

We had a wonderful time in Virginia, and had a great time visiting with both of our families.  Being the History geek that I am, Virginia is always one of my favorite places to go, and it was this time too!

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