Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tour of our new house and a fun weekend!

A lot has been happening lately, and blogging has not been one of those things.  But, I am happy to announce a tour of our new place!
 Here is the guest bedroom.  We got the bookshelves at Office Depot, when we went there on a whim.  Cool.
 Our guest room also doubles as an office.
 Here is our living room.  We love it!  There is a double door that can also be closed to make it a 3rd bedroom.
 More living room and the new 42" TV that we bought and the entertainment center that we bought to put it on.
 Chris making grilled cheese sandwiches in our wonderful kitchen.
Behind him is the door to the best part--the garage.
 The bathroom
 Our bedroom--we have room for Chris to walk by the bed, even with the bookshelf there, and not kick the bed, which is GREAT!
 Yes, we have a total of THREE closets in our bedroom alone.  This place has a lot more closet space.
 The stairs leading to nowhere--and our dining room
 Our yard, which we are in charge of.  We have a garden!

 We have two fruit trees--an apple tree and an apricot tree
For General Conference weekend, Mom and Dad and Casey came to visit and stay with us.  Mom and Dad stayed in the guest room, and Casey was able to shut the door in the living room and take out the sleeper sofa for his own private room.  It was great fun to have them here.  Gosh, we love family!
 Taylor and Katie came over on Sunday, and brought their kids.  Casey read them some of our books.

And Charlie was amazed at how Grandma had a camera that flashed.  Amazing.

Anyway, that is our place!  We get a TON more space than we had before, which we love.  It is close to my work, so Chris just drops me off on the way to his work in the mornings.  We love our house.

Does anyone need somewhere to stay in Orem?  Give us a call if you are interested!


  1. I love your new place. It is so nice, and it looks roomy! I am glad you like your new place. We miss you guys.

  2. Your house looks great, and I LOVE the quilt on your bed! So pretty!

  3. So nice! Much bigger than your old place, it must be so nice. Did you find a renter yet? Good luck!

  4. I was cleaning out my garage over Conference weekend and found a box of fun memories with you. I found the calendar you made me when I graduated, the card you gave me & lots of pictures. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!!! I'm glad you found a place you love! I hope life is treating you well!