Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going back East

For Spring Break, I went with the other history teachers in my school district back East to visit Civil War sites.  This year is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, which is somewhat of a big deal.  It was VERY cool to go see those sites with 24 other American History teachers who were just as interested in them as I am.  A WHOLE WEEK of geekiness!  What could be more fun?  I had my SLR camera with me, and had fun taking some awesome photos.  I took a ton of pictures!  Here are just SOME of the highlights . . .

I know that the bus in back is kind of lame, but the canons in a line are kind of cool.

A statue to honor Abraham Lincoln and his visit to Richmond, VA after the Union won.  The entire city was burned to the ground from the Southerners deciding that they wanted to get rid of their cotton.  It was quite devastating to the president, because he knew that he had to put the country back together.

The land fought in at Petersburg.

In Ford's Theater, by the box President Lincoln was shot in.

At Antietam

A canon at Gettysburg

My favorite picture ever, at the Gettysburg cemetery. 

The Civil War soldiers at Fort McHenry

On my free night in Alexandria, I met up with Colby and Maria.  Hooray for family!

Colby and I are remembering where we parked.  Yes, we are goofballs!

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