Monday, March 7, 2011

Mixed feelings . . .

I am having a mix of emotions flooding me right now.  You see, I am moving out of the place that I have lived for five years.  Chris has lived with me for two of those five years.  Here are some things that have happened while I have lived here (in no particular order):
  • Went on vacation to China and came home to find that everything was clean and the way that I left it!  Amazing!  I have done that on several other vacations too!
  • Learned the ins and outs of Lowe's and Home Depot.
  • Had many friends, dates, and eventually a husband come over here and play with me.
  • Fallen in love.
  • Been proposed to.
  • Received the phone call to say that my grandma die.
  • Watched several movies and TV shows, including, most notably, the Ken Burns's Civil War and most of the first season of Lost here.
  • Had 15 people over in my tiny family room watching a movie here.
  • Had the Rusch family over for Thanksgiving, and somehow pulled it off to host it here.  That was truly amazing!
  • Experienced the adventures of shopping for furniture, a piano, a new water heater, paint, carpeting, flooring, and much more to make this place complete.
  • Gotten many callings here, including Relief Society presidency (a few of those), Primary Presidency, and bishopric.
  • Made many many meals in our kitchen.
  • Had a lot of family members come to visit, including:
    • Chris's dad, who came to set him apart as a high priest.
    • Chris's mom, who came to stay for a little while.
    • My mom, who came to help with the birth of my nephew.
    • Our niece, who came for a couple of sleepovers.
    • Our brothers, when they have needed a place to stay because their BYU apartments have kicked them out.
    • Other brothers, who just came for fun.
  •  Read many books.
  • Laughed a lot.
  • Cried a lot.
  • Slept in.
  • Woke up early.
  • Stayed up late.
  • Got a Wii to play video games and watch Netflix on.
  • Done a lot of studying.
  • Went to the Provo Library to use their internet because I was too cheap to get my own to pay for during three weeks of being in China.
There are many more experiences, in fact, too many to mention.  I always said that I would cry when I leave this place.  And I am right now.  But I know that it is just time to close one book and open another one!

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    1. sad to move but I am sure it will be exciting! We rent our house in springville, its scary at times, but what do you do when you know it wont sell! good luck and have fun with the move!