Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We love taking the weekend off!

For President's Day, we decided to take Friday off.  Monday was already a holiday, so we enjoyed a four-day weekend, which was great!

Instead of the traditional President's Day at the cabin, we went to a district basketball game of Casey's.  His team WON!!  At HIGHLAND!!  (this is a big deal . . . )

Chris also got his hair cut by Grandma Davis.  From seeing the previous blog post, he told me that it was time.  I relented.

Other things we did that don't have pictures attached . . . we slept in, watched an episode of Lost, went to the temple, went to church, saw Grandma and Grandpa speak in sacrament meeting in their ward, went to a movie, and just hung out!

Being home was WONDERFUL!!  We love spending time with family and just relaxing!!  Thanks for a great weekend, family.
Casey during a time out with the team

I took SO MANY pictures of the game.  This is just one . . .

You can for sure see Casey on the bench!  He's the tallest!

Our friend Superfan

Grandma giving Chris the fantastic buzz cut!

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