Saturday, February 12, 2011

A very special visitor

Because we don't have kids (yet), we sometimes borrow them from our brothers.  Ever since we had her come stay with us in May, Anna has been begging to come back.  So we had her back this weekend.
We had a TON of fun.  We made Valentines for her family, went to Pizza Pie Cafe, went to the Bean Museum, watched Despicable Me, and had German pancakes in the morning.  We are so grateful to Taylor and Katie for letting us borrow their daughter for the night!

Here are some pictures of hanging out at the Bean Museum:
This is what a rhino feels like.

Learning about starfish from Uncle Chris

Notice the missing bow.  It was left at Pizza Pie Cafe, and joined us again later!


  1. Such cute pictures, and we are so grateful to you for being such a sweet, cool, fun aunt and uncle to our kids. Anna has been talking about it all day! Love you!

  2. you are the best aunt ever! I still think about when you were 10 and you came to Ricks to stay with me. Remember in my Geology class you knew the answer when no one else did. Way funny!

    Love you!!!!