Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, we went home to Idaho. We met my family at Chiz's in St. Anthony and then we went to the cabin in Island Park. It was a ton of fun because we were able to be with family, and to NOT MAKE WEDDING PLANS for the first time that we have been home!
On Sunday, after church, we took a drive to Yellowstone National Park. Between the West Entrance and Madison Junction, WE SAW A BEAR! We actually got so close (probably 30 yards away or so) that Chris and Carter and Casey decided that we needed to turn back. The Park is always a lot of fun. We saw lots of wildlife: A BEAR, an eagle, bison, elk, and deer. We also saw some great scenery. It was especially fun to visit it with Chris, because he hasn't been in years, and he was fascinated by it all. It was a fantastic weekend.

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