Monday, June 15, 2009

Good news!

My good news of the day . . . I got my grade back for the class that I was taking while we were engaged. Despite the fact that I was MAJORLY distracted during the class, I got an A!!! I am very excited about that. I was really expecting a C, but I passed with flying colors. I am now completely sure that the teacher did not read my papers that I turned in, because they were pretty much a load of crap!
But the bad news is that Tina is in Park City at a conference while Chris is working in Provo. It is our first time apart in the two months that we have been married . . . and we have to do it for three nights! I am sure we will survive, but it will be close. My conference is about Literacy and I am learning a lot of good information for next year, but I just wish Chris could be here too. I would really like to clone one of us so that we could still be together!

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