Monday, July 3, 2017

Fathers' Day 2017

We have the best daddy at our house! Everyone loves our daddy. He is definitely the favorite parent.
This is one of my favorite pictures lately. Chris stayed home on a Monday to build a garden for me (because we lost our apple tree, which was fabulous!) These kids wanted to go outside with their daddy. They saw that he put on his boots and his gloves, so they got their winter boots and winter gloves and went out to "help" him. They love their daddy! Basically, Davis does whatever daddy does, and Reagan does whatever Davis does, so it's a winning combination!

For Fathers' Day, these were our celebrations:

Daddy got a new Star Wars shirt (because he needed a new one. . . like a hole in the head) and a pair of work shoes, and hugs from his kids! Because Daddy likes to smoke (the primary presidency says that Davis saying announced that in Primary when learning about the Word of Wisdom--great!), we let him make us some yummy meat for Fathers' Day too! Aren't we nice?!

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